Our Objectives

Our commitment is to provide “Lifesaving Triage & Medical Awareness” at a glance and in real time – from anywhere on the planet.


TOD, our “Triage-On-Demand” biosensor, adheres to the left side of the chest and monitors five vital signs. Any critical (red) & non-critical (yellow) change is instantaneously flagged on the medical provider’s phone display and flagged & prioritized on the operational/incident command dashboard. The dashboard is scalable. Tap on any patient and their vital signs come up in real time as well as their heart rate, respiratory rate and body temperature over the last 15 minutes and their precise location.

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The United States Armed Forces


To save the lives of wounded American soldiers by allowing the medic, or any other soldier within 30 yards, to triage on the battlefield.

Our proprietary technology seeks to integrate a biosensor, communication protocol and the Army’s Nett Warrior System to provide a simplified and reliable combat medical awareness user-interface display. The 5VS platform enables the medic to identify, prioritize and initiate lifesaving measures on any critically injured soldier within seconds, while providing mission command and the forward surgical unit with the tactical medical picture – at a glance & in real time.

First Responders

first responder

To ensure the health and safety of all First Responders by being able to identify, prioritize and communicate any vital sign abnormality, critical or non-critical, to the Incident Commander.

Due to the high risk of cardiac events after incidents, the TOD biosensor can be kept on for hours or days for continued monitoring. Additionally, through data analytics TOD will increase the margin of safety on the job by differentiating acceptable vital signs given the firefighters age and incorporating any cardiac risk factors. Lastly, the First Responders will have the ability to apply TOD on anyone found down to prioritize the medical care of the critically injured during mass casualty scenarios. TOD can be applied in as little as 60 seconds with vital signs appearing on the Incident Command dashboard as well as on the Injured dashboard at designated triage location.



To ensure the health and safety of our military vets by allowing the veteran and up to five loved ones to receive a “Triage Text” for any critical or non-critical change in the veteran’s vital signs.

Tap on the text and the veteran’s location, their vital signs including the ECG, appear in real time along with a call back option – all on one screen. Effectively, the loved ones will ensure that the veteran is either seen by the VA, his primary care physician, in an urgent care clinic or in the emergency room – expeditiously. Lastly, any critical change in vital signs will automatically trigger a call to 911.