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Lifesaving Triage & Medical Awareness

About Us

5VS is committed to identifying, prioritizing and initiating lifesaving measures on anyone in critical condition within seconds, while providing operational/incident command with the tactical medical picture – at a glance & in real time.

Our fully autonomous sensor captures and relays vital signs through BTE or Wi-Fi connectivity to a mobile device, or is stand-alone LTE enabled. Effectively, we can now:

  • Save the lives of wounded American soldiers by giving the medic, or any soldier within 30 yards, the ability to triage on the battlefield.
  • Ensure the health and safety of First Responders on scene, after the incident given the documented risk of suffering a heat stress or traumatic event.

Lastly, for civilian healthcare monitoring, our sensor is optimal for monitoring in the low-cost elderly care , assisted living, care home, post discharge or long term care space.

Our Proprietary Technology

The Metrics are Reliable & Accurate


Respiratory Rate


Traumatic Brain Injury


Heart Rate


Fall Detection


Body Posture


Body Temperature


Single Lead ECG

5VS Biosensor & Communication Protocol

Our sensor is a stand-alone 6-in-1 Health Tracker that is worn on the upper arm in order to maximize the accuracy of the multiple sensors, and to minimize pendulum motion artifacts seen in wrist-mounted devices.

The vital signs captured and relayed include

  • Provides clinical accurate vital signs for respiration rate, heart rate, activity, blood oxygen (SPO2) and core body Temperature.
  • 3-Axis Position – Face up\down\on L side, etc.
  • Fall Detection with G-Force & Fall Prediction with location
  • Connectivity is via Bluetooth 5, WiFi, or Via Internal Global 4G Cellular modem.


Our sensor is durable, rechargeable with a battery life of up to 10 Days. The sensor is expected to operate without with defects in materials and workmanship for at least 4 years.

The sensor is a low-profile device strapped to the upper arm with direct contact to skin. The device can be easily worn below any gear and PPE, with no intrusion on the wrist or chest, and no adhesives.

Sensor Size and Weight Height: 84mm Width: 71mm Depth: 12mm Weight (Approx): 50g


Our commitment is to provide “Lifesaving Triage & Medical Awareness”, in real time.