Defense Application Expo – DAX

September 22, 2022

Five Vital Signs (5VS) was invited to participate in the Defense Application Expo (DAX) at the Osprey Training Facility in Council, NC as an exhibitor. DAX was held on September 21, 2022 and is a one-of-a-kind defense technology and applications event with live-fire demonstrations for attendees, giving exhibitors the chance to demonstrate products and services onsite with end-users and key governmental decision-makers. This event allowed the 5VS team and the sponsoring Grand Forks Air Force Base team to have an in-person Kick-Off Meeting with live operator training.

The main event of DAX is a “live fire demonstration” where former Special Operations members showcase maneuvers and rescue drills in a controlled sandbox environment, all the while using the latest in military tactical equipment. 5VS’ invitation to DAX was based on the premise that the operators taking part in the demonstration would wear the 5VS sensor during the live fire demonstration.